Self Assessment
Our computers have been programmed to produce all necessary self assessment tax returns required for submission to the Inland Revenue, including Self Assessment Returns using ELS (Electronic Lodgement System) to ensure that valid receipts are obtained.

Each year, we will contact you detailing which information and documents we require to enable us to produce your self assessment tax returns. This information will then be entered directly onto the returns which we will then print and post to for your approval. A copy of the self assessment tax returns will be kept on the computer and a copy of your signed self assessment tax returns will be held on file for future reference.

We will also, when necessary, lodge the relevant claim forms with the Inland Revenue to request a reduction in payments on account.

Tax Investigations
Investigations and enquiries are now becoming commonplace and the average Inland Revenue investigation can reach costs of 3000. We have checked the various services available on today's market and believe that we have found a company that provides the best service possible. The service covers the costs of both tax and VAT specialists as well as those incurred by your accountant and in extreme cases, your lawyer.

We will liase with the insurance company and the Inland Revenue or Customs & Excise on your behalf with a view to concluding the enquiry as soon as possible, and with the assistance of ourselves and the tax and VAT specialists, we will hopefully reduce what could otherwise be a large liability, to an acceptable level, an even in some cases, obtain a rebate for you.

If you believe you have a policy that would cover you against an enquiry or investigation, we would urge you to recheck your policy - we have found several packages on offer which do not cover you for your accountants time, or provide you with a 24 hour legal helpline or specialist services.

Lettings Accounts
If you own property which you rent out, then you will need to include this information within your self assessment tax return. We will request all income and expenditure details, together with any letting statements from you and produce a simple set of accounts for each property, which will then be forwarded for approval.